Media Influence

With technology at our fingertips it’s not surprising that most of us use new media on a daily basis. What defines new media is the ability to define all that is related to the internet and the interplay by technology, images, and also sound (Bloomsbury.Socha, & Eber-Schmid). As a daily user of new media I am able to check my bank account, hot mail, student profile, work e-mails, parent portal for children, and Facebook accounts on a daily basis. New media shapes how we use technology today. New media is technology that is user friendly and very time efficient.

The ability to text, use the internet, check emails with daily events is practicality at its best in order to keep up with world events and communicate with our friends, families and employers in almost minutes time. We are able to be on the go at all times and communicate through our smartphones.  Back in the 70’s through 90’s there was the communication with pay phones, carry a beeper, or staying at home to wait for an important call.  The internet has certainly changed that for humanity.  We can communicate through different parts of the world in seconds or even minutes. With media so easy to access we are more in tune with world events.  We can send pictures in seconds to our loved ones from far away. We are virtually connected to one another.

World events are very accessible. All you have to do is tune into your radio, phone or computer and we are able to find out in seconds about a worldwide catastrophe. Historically, tuning into different news sites there will always be a difference to a story. I remember 9/11 hearing a about a terrorist attack and at the same time an airplane accident. Within a few minutes it was obvious that America was under fire.

Media can shape our beliefs, but as we know through trial and error many times a story is retold and corrected. It’s about telling the story first and getting ratings.  There is the positive influence about the time you find out about an event and you can create a contingency plan for safety. An example of this is when I was a child in Miami, we were advised to stay away from the downtown area after the Mariel boatlift in 1980. There were many criminals and safety was primordial. I remember being an eight year old staying home for safety.  The Negative part of the media influence is that sometimes there may be an exaggerated version of the story such as in Turkey Point, about 20 minutes from my home.  There is always a fear factor from tourists questioning how safe Turkey Point really is.

The information revolution has certainly changed the way we capture an event.  There are satellites and we can literally connect to any part of the world and even watch an event as it happens. Car accidents are now viewable through cameras on major streets. This is technology at its best. The power of media has changed through systems such as instant Communicator’s and even Facebook Messenger we can find out the truth in seconds. Let’s say you are in a hostage situation and hiding where no one can see you. Your video form the smartphone can capture the necessary images to take to a trial.  Many times it feels we are under surveillance, but it’s the safety that can assist us in problem solving in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Historically the power of media from past to present captures that the new technologies do not change human nature. They simply allow us to express and satisfy our curiosity about the world beyond our own direct experience in different ways (Kovach & Rosenthiel, 2010, p. 24). We have become more internet dependent these days and modern technology focuses more on revenue. Many advertisers are no longer needing the news to reach their audience, websites, blogs, social networks, and mobile media would eventually supplant the market and information previously delivered via mass media. (Kovach & Rosenthial, 2010, p. 23). The power of the media also varies by the audience. An older person may enjoy watching the news at 6am and a younger adults can read the daily news online at any time. Media is useful because it targets all audiences in different aspects of communications.


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