Oconee County Observations

Blogger and Professionalism:

There is a blogger in Oconee County by the name of Dr. Lee Becker. He is the author of Oconee County Observations. Dr. Becker is passionate about writing about what happens in Oconee County since July 2006. Dr. Becker has a background in Mass Communication and Journalism. He blogs for the purpose of his experiences and aspiration in the County where he lives. Dr. Becker is well known in his County and would like to retire there. Dr. Lee Becker teaches journalism, writing, reporting, and research methods in the University of Georgia. The research that Dr. Becker conducts is in the areas of labor markets, communication education, and also media and development.

Bias and purpose to this site:

Dr. Becker blogs as a hobby and he is a credible source of a citizen journalist. Blogging is more of writing freely and, and he uses this site to bring awareness to his community. I applaud him on taking on this hobby. He blogs on his personal experiences in Oconee County. He is a credible source that happens to be a blogger. Although, anyone can blog Dr. Becker’s purpose is to seize the opportunity to keep his community engaged.

SPJ Code of Ethics:

As a respectable professor and community blogger we can rely on Dr. Becker’s blogs as true. There should not be a bias to his blogging due to his strong background in Journalism and Mass Communication. There should be a verification of information before releasing it (S P J Coded of Ethics, 2014). Given his background I believe that the information that he is providing is truthful, especially since he is a loyal resident. With his role as a blogger in Oconee County I would consider him a citizen journalist.

Accountability in reporting news:

When reporting the news we expect for the news reported to have a degree in a related field. With Dr. Becker as the blogger reporting as a citizen journalist there is the training and also the commitment to the community. The viewer is also responsible for researching if the information is accurate. Dr. Lee Becker happens to be a very highly skilled blogger. This is separate to what his career motives are. We can literally say he volunteers his time to this blog as a passion. However, nowadays we can question the news. With the fall of Brian Williams as a misinforming news reporter, we begin to question journalism and truth.


SPJ code of ethics. (2014, September 6). Society of Professional Journalists. Retrieved from: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp.

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