Podcasts, QR Codes and Twitter.

This week we reviewed the different ways to communicate by phone or computers that are being used worldwide.  I was able to go over podcasts, QR codes, and also twitter. I was able to gather a few mobile friendly folks and see how these systems worked. All the sites are practical and can save you time and money in a virtual way.

i tune logo

The first site I was able to use was I-Tunes as a podcast. I-Tunes are a very popular site for storing music and videos. You can buy I –Tunes gift cards just about anywhere. This is a site that allows you to keep posted about videos and songs. I have never owned an I-phone. I enjoyed I Tunes over the I Phone.  The function for I-Tunes is that it can be used as a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device. The software is created by Apple Inc. I can clearly understand what all the fuss was about many years ago. I have owned a Samsung phone (Android) for so long that it was actually a different experience even using the I Phone for quite some time.

bk logo

The next site I was able to use was the QR codes for purchases. There are multiple QR codes that can be used.  The QR code choice that I was able to use was Burger King. There are so many discounts with the QR codes that can be used to make purchases. This avoids the paper cutting for coupons. This app can be downloaded on your phone to begin saving money and time. QR codes can be used for ticketing at the airport, purchasing items in the store or online, tracking items, and also for uploading videos. You can also create a QR code with sites such as Google QR Code Generator to upload the QR Codes. Advertisers use QR codes.  QR Codes are even used on business cards. The QR code on the business card can allow the consumer the opportunity to view the website for that business.


twitter logo

Twitter was another site that I was able to explore. You simply tweet and can communicate in groups. Twitter seemed to be rather hectic. Twitter is like a personalized blog, and seems rather self-centered. Twitter is a social messaging site to communicate with groups of people. It’s like texting in bulk about your personal life. It’s obvious why celebrities use twitter. I have enough already with my, Facebook, texting, Skype and email on my phone. Twitter is like blogging and texting all together.  Twitter contains a lot of Social marketing, videos, pictures, messages, etc. to target a large audience simultaneously. It feels like you are using your Instant Messenger from Facebook at all times, but through a tweet mechanism.  I can really say I prefer Facebook to Twitter for communicating with friends and family from all over the world, although Twitter is more popular.

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