8:2 Multimedia Tools.

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There are many advantages to using multimedia in today’s world. Multimedia has the ability to enhance what we are putting on our blogs. In today’s world with technology at our fingertips the multimedia messages are sent with images and sound. Multimedia has the ability to capture the reader’s eyes and ears.

There are many benefits to using Multimedia.  They say that pictures are able to speak a thousand words. The way we communicate nowadays has changed significantly due to the use of multimedia tools. Learning to take advantage of sites like twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, tumblr, and You tube for conveying a message are a true phenomenon.

The ability to generate effective communication and targeting the proper audience is the concern when blogging. When blogging you should have a vibrant and outgoing social media presence. The more that people enjoy engaging with you, the more likely they are to follow your blog and encourage their own social circles to follow your blog. The key is to ensuring that they interact with you as a warm and engaging person, and not just a faceless blogger. (Byrd, 2015).

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This particular blog is written in black and white with no audio and may be able to gain an audience due to the content that it uses. This blog is written in a descriptive manner with the use of some pictures.  This blog can gain an audience by providing tips on the importance of multimedia, and how it is used to entice the reader on how to make a better blog.  However, a multimedia effect would have made the blog much more interesting for the reader. Using sites like you tube and tumblr for multimedia effects would have been more enticing for the reader.


Blogging may not be for everyone. However, a blogger should always consider following a good Code of Ethics set by journalists.  Ethical blogging is also good for the reader and the writer. For ethical journalism, it must be preamble, minimize harm, seek truth and report it, be accountable and transparent, and act independently. (SPJ Code of Ethics, 2014).

Byrd, K. (2015). Blog Basics. Retrieved from: http://blogbasics.com/expand-reach-using-multimedia-platforms/#ixzz3WBQVsHJG

SPJ Code of Ethics (2014, September 6). Society of Professional Journalists .Retrieved from: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

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